Connecting Companies in the Business of Travel

MFC PR is a fifteen-year old NYC PR and communications company that helps start-ups and established brands stand out – building visibility, getting press coverage, and helping our industry-leading clients gain share of voice.

We specialize in helping B2B companies and travel providers connect dots – connecting owners, investors, brands and start-ups, with the audiences and decision-makers that matter most.

We have offices in NYC and London, and affiliates in APAC and Silicon Valley.

What we do

We connect, publicize, and promote, many of the travel industry’s most interesting and innovative companies – from travel technology to asset management firms to venerable industry brands.

It’s all about travel, and the companies that drive it.

Who we do it for: Start up companies, owners and travel industry brands

  • We penetrate the media – architecting your narrative, positioning and publicizing you in the most impactful media outlets.
  • Put you on stage – placing our clients in high profile speaking slots in the most important trade shows worldwide.
  • Make you stand out as thought leaders – aligning you with the most important academic institutions in the world of travel, and positioning you via White Papers, webinars and articles that break through, online.

Travel industry investors – VCs, PE and REITS

  • We bring you compelling investment ideas . . .
  • Consult on the go to market readiness of your proposed investments . . .
  • Assess and enhance the visbility/communications strategies of your portfolio companies
    from – pre-investment, to seed funding, through exit . . .
  • And help your companies “punch above their weight” . . .
. . . executing visibility programs that help them own the conversation in their market niche, gaining rapid traction in the public conversation, and helping them expand their multiples quickly.

What we are

  • Creatively disruptive – Shaking up conversations and shaking loose new perspectives, across every marketing channel that matters.
  • Relentlessly connective – Connecting dots – clients, partners, industry leaders and opinion-makers – with one another . . . across lines and matrices that most people don’t even see.
  • Dynamically value accretive – Adding value to your people, your products, your services, by making them stand out in ways you never expected.

Travel is the most interconnected and predictive business in the world.

When you go to Amazon and buy a book, there’s no likelihood that your next purchase will be a TV. When you buy an airline ticket on Expedia, it’s extremely likely that soon thereafter, you will be booking hotel, restaurants and other attractions.

The hotel industry is on the verge of seismic change.

The hotel industry is on the verge of seismic change, and needs to prepare for it. Over the past five years, the cost of customer acquisition has risen at twice the level of average room rate increases. Unless hotel brands, properties and companies understand the economics of the online shopping environment, they are likely to run into big trouble in the years ahead.

Content has historically put airlines at the cutting edge of the travel sector

Content has historically put airlines at the cutting edge of the travel sector, with carriers setting many content management precedents, well ahead of grounded brands – and ahead of hotels in particular. While the world’s leading carriers and flagship brands have always been content producers, they have become more sophisticated introducing innovative approaches to content production and media utilization.

Who We Are

Michael Frenkel
Michael FrenkelPresident
A Manhattan-based PR consultancy that creates and manages PR, communications and international visibility programs for disruptive travel companies such as Duetto, Nor1, Thayer Ventures, Adara, tripBAM, ID90T; asset owners, managers and brands, such as Thayer Lodging, La Quinta (NYSE:LQ) and Forbes Travel Guide; and innovative emerging brands such as Elite Meetings International and Delos Living/Stay Well. Architects thought leadership, industry relations and investor awareness programs to get these brands and others, “everywhere all the time” in front of key audiences and decision-makers.

What people are saying

Michael Frenkel and MFC PR has been integral in the growth and scaling of Duetto and has been a core partner in our communications efforts since launch. They have propelled us to a new level in worldwide visibility, and have taken no prisoners.
Patrick Bosworth, CEO and co-founder, Duetto
“We have relied upon MFC PR for solid strategic communications counsel and execution for Thayer Lodging as well as Thayer Ventures. It’s a pleasure to acknowledge the important role they have played in our public relations success.”
Few PR professionals I have met, know the real estate space like Michael Frenkel and MFC PR.
Ilyce Glink, Syndicated real estate journalist, author of “100 Tips When Buying Your First Home,” and radio personality.
MFC PR has done a great job getting our hotels into the national press – invaluable for launching distinctive, new luxury properties.
Steven Andre, General Manager, The Hutton Hotel, Nashville, and The Alden, Houston
Over the course of nearly a decade, MFC PR has helped La Quinta grow its franchise system from ‘zero’ properties to more than 400. It did it, through a combination of sound communications counsel, creative positioning, and unrelenting media placement.
Rajiv Trivedi, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer, La Quinta